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Liste unregelmäßiges Partizip Perfekt

Irregular Past Particle

Download the list as a PDF for free. The past participle is normally: „ge“ + verb stem + „t“ / „en.“ For separable verbs the „ge“ goes between the prefix and the verb stem, and for inseparable verbs the „ge“ is left out. The past participle gets the ending „t“ when there is no vowel change in […]

Liste_ Gemischte Verben - Partizip Perfekt

Mixed Verbs

Download the list as a PDF for free. When forming the past participle, we can divide verbs into three groups: regular, irregular, and mixed.What are Mixed Verbs?Mixed verbs are verbs that use the simple past form to construct the past participle.What ending do mixed verbs get? „-t“ or „-en“?If you use the normal endings in […]

Liste_ Verben mit Vokalwechsel (starke Verben)

The 30 Most Important Verbs with a Vowel Change

Download the list as a PDF for free. When conjugating in the present tense, some verbs change the vowel from a to ä or from e to i / ie in the 2nd and 3rd person singular. These are known as “strong” verbs. Here is a list of the 30 most important strong verbs. Note that the vowel change only takes […]