Questions with Prepositions

When to add a preposition to your question

If the answer to your question is a prepositional phrase, the question must also contain a preposition.

There are two different ways to do that, depending on if the answer involves a person or a thing.

Asking for a Person

When the answer will include a preposition + person combination, the question word becomes: preposition + wen/wem ("wen" for accusative, "wem" for dative).

Asking for a Thing

When the answer will include preposition + thing combination, the question word becomes: wo + (r) + preposition.

For prepositions that start with a vowel (a,e,i,o,u), we have to include an "r" after "wo."

There is also a second version you can use, but it's very informal and some people think it sounds a bit "dumb."


  • If the answer is a prepositional phrase, you have to include the preposition in the question.
  • When asking for a person, put the preposition in front of the question word.
  • When asking for a thing, use the form "wo" + (r) + preposition.

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